Services Provided

Crop Inputs

New Era Ag Technologies is an independent seed and chemical retail based out of Swan River, MB. We provide growers in the area with the most advanced canola, soybean, pea and faba bean seed. We also supply seed treatments, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and specialty crop protection products such as micro-nutrients and growth regulators.

We offer delivery on all of our crop input products.


Seed Treatment

We provide on-site seed treatment with the purchase of bulk soybean, faba bean and pea seed with a state of the art KSI seed treatment system. Custom seed treating is available upon request.


We at New Era Ag are also a Bio-Sul dealer. Bio-Sul is an element sulphur product that uses compost as a carrier. This product is the most cost efficient and longest lasting sulphur product on the market. Click here to check out more.

Hail Insurance

We provide hail insurance through Co-op Hail, Palliser Hail Insurance and Canadian Hail Agencies.

Agronomic Services

We offer crop scouting, seed germination and vigor testing as well as tissue & benchmark soil testing.


New Era Ag supports a research division that tests new varieties and crop input products under the local growing conditions. The research team also offers contract research services for companies looking to collect data on their products in a short season zone.

Click here  for more information on our research program.


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